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X-Men Unite RP

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The time has come for those who are different to stand united

Created by: tenchichan Owned by: meesha
Moderated by: meesha mands_angelfox

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Game Description
Born with genetic mutations that give them abilities beyond those of normal humans, mutants are the next stage in evolution. As such, they are feared and hated. But a group of mutants know as the X-men fight for the safety of mutants and peacful coexistence between mutant and human kind. Their headquarters, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is more than just a base of operations, it is also a fully staffed school capable of taking in young mutants and teaching them how to control their powers. The students at Xavier's have all the responsibilities of high school with the added pressure of training to use their powers. Another such group of mutants has also emerged, who feel a change is comming. The Brotherhood, a rag tag assemblage of terrorists whose main objective is to initiate man's "awakening".

The game is a mixture of movie-verse and comic-verse blended together to form its own bit of AU.


"This game is laid back and awesome." - saintwarren

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