March 4th, 2007

I Was A Teenage Mutant

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Enough was enough, Rogue needed a change of scene, it was her nature. Her flimsy scrubs had been exchanged for a pair of coveralls, it seemed the X-Men weren't going to be taking any chances with her and her shenanigans and made sure the girl was covered head to toe. "Isn't this a little excessive?" She had asked Nurse Annie who had prepped her, outfitting with a pair of manacles that connected her ankles with a bit of chain. It wouldn't inhibit walking, but certainly would make it difficult to run. She didn't want to take any chances, or so the nurse said. And so she waited, forwhenever Logan was going to arrive to escort her outside the dention block. Rogue slouched on the bed, legs stretched out in front of her.

Soon Logan arrived at the detention block, immediately, a glare was tossed at the good nurse, who was passing in the hall. "She's a fucking kid, not an animal..." the rest was muttered lowly beneath his breath, no doubt he was throwing obscenities in the air.

She stared blankly, green hues shifting from Logan to Annie as they exchanged some, apparently, heated words, through the small window on the door. It looked like the two were about to come to blows, but she turned and walked away briskly. She watched the exchange, curious about what was actually being said, but not being privvy to their conversation. Rogue straightened a bit when Wolverine finally entered.

Claws extended and Logan sliced the manacles from Rogue's body. Claws then retracted and the man cocked his head towards the door. "Lets go, you."

A bit of a chuckle was released at his actions and she wondered if it had anything to do with Nurse Annie.

She stood at his order, "Just lead the way."

Eyes still narrowed, Logan abruptly turned on his heel and started to lead the girl out of the cell and to the outside of the mansion, still huffing about how Scott had her in the cell as though she were a serial killer.

On that note, he lifted his head and turned towards her, eyes looking as though they were seeing through her. "No funny stuff, kiddo. Got it?" Even after the events of the two in the cell before, he still had a job and reputation to uphold.

"Ah wouldn't dream of it," Rogue remarked. She jammed her hands into her pockets and swaggered behind him, oozing confidence. This was a definate case of the squeaky wheel getting the oil. Hooray for small victories.

"Y'sure pissed her," she commented after a brief moment.

"Good," Logan remarked as he lead her up to the the first floor of the mansion and towards the front doors of the manison, where they were then swung open and he led her towards the steps of the front porch, watching her motions carefully along the way. "Need a smoke while you're out here?"

Wanda peered through the window at the people on the front porch. It was that gruff, hairy man and the strange girl that Pietro had told her about. They had done well at avoiding most of the mansion's residents (or those who remained) while living off of the food they bought and the heat they paid for. Mostly, they were all wrapped up in their own problems. Wanda had little problems roasting marshmallows in the fireplace and remaining unnoticed. She hid behind the curtain. Maybe those two would stay out there and she could go about collecting magazines for Pietro again.

Her eyes widened as they turned the corner and stepped outside into the light of the afternoon. The air was cool and there was a bit of snow on the ground. "Ah ha!" she exclaimed, skipping down the stone steps of the porch. Coming to the last step, she swung her arms, giving her the momentum to flip forward into an aerial and finish with a roundoff. Rogue was being mindful of her broken arm, holding it out, but the weight of the cast through her balance off and she missed the landing, falling on her butt into a pile of snow. She merely fopped backwards and laughed. "What'd y'say?" she lifted her head to look up at Logan.

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Waking Up - Open

The boy known as Pyro had been sleeping ever since Logan had clocked him one and the Professor had placed him in a state of hibernation. It was safer and easier that way, no one had any idea of what had happened and they hadn’t even probed that deeply to find out because it was John and everyone must have figured it was Pyro being Pyro.

The med lab was filled with the constant rhythm of his steady breathing and the soft slow beeps of a heart that still beat in a chest that hadn’t opened up lungs to say a single word. It was strange how quiet he could be if given a chance and it even bordered on weird.

However, there was something different about John today.

His heart rate was accelerating rapidly, his breathing catching in the back of his throat as eyes raced under the closed lids and his fingers twitched almost restlessly like they were reaching for something but they didn’t know what.

In the next instance and with a gasping breath John was jerking upwards, eyes snapping wide open before closing suddenly and quickly as light burned them and he all but scrambled away from the reality that hit him full force.

John panicked that much that he ended up on the ground, instantly curling up at the cold that seemed to reach past flesh and into bone before scrambling closer to the wall, huddling into himself as if that would stop the world from spinning.

He didn’t know where he was, who he was, or even why he felt like his stomach was turning inside out and God, he wished his head would just stop pounding over and over again.

John needed – wanted – answers and there were none to be had, it was like reaching inside of his mind and finding nothing but a blank slate and it frightened the hell out of him.

Who was he?

Why was he here?

And why did his hands ache as if they’d lost something that they’d always held onto?

John folded his head into his hands and closed his eyes as he tried to make sense out of everything that didn’t make sense and he almost – almost – felt like crying and he hadn’t done that …he couldn’t remember but he felt it had been a really long time.

Why did nothing make sense?
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