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Characters: Bobby and Rogue
Tagging: Wolverine, Gambit, Warren, Wanda, Pietro, Cyclops, Jean and Pyro
Those Going to Mojo: Bobby, Rogue, Gambit, Warren, Wanda, Wolverine and Pyro
Location: Underbelly of the Mansion
Description: Mojo acquires season three's stars! Kind of a log, kind of a narrative...reply here please!

"Hulk SMASH!"

The words echoed through the crowded streets of New York as the jade giant rampaged through parked cars, tossing them around like it was nothing. From behind a building, Iceman's sleek ice sled glistened in the midday sun as he peeled out into the fray. Bobby looked different than usual. He was decked out fully in his new X-Men uniform, which he had made alterations to. The leather pants and boots were normal, but the jacket was open revealing tight, chiseled ice abs. On his head he wore a red bandana, a remnant he found in his room. He couldn't recall if it was his or John's but he liked it anyway. Sunglasses rest on his nose, covered his iced eyes.

"Okay ugly," he said as he skidded to a halt, "playtime's over."

"Hulk smash puny snowman!" yelled the beast in rage as he kicked a taxi cab towards Iceman. It rolled across the blacktop, glass spraying through the air and the sound of scraping metal making Iceman flinch. A quick movement of his hands and the cab hung in the air, belly up on a glacier in a style befitting the Titanic.

"It's Iceman you small brained halfwit," he said as he took off on his sled. The Hulk was fast and unlike anything he had fought before. Throwing chunks of ice and snow wasn't going to cut it, and freezing him in a block of ice would take too much time. There was one last option though.

Quickly he brought the sled back around, flying right at the Hulk. The brute's giant forearms came up as he attempted to knock Bobby off the sled, but he had anticipated it. At the last second he leapt off the sled and landed behind the Hulk. He went to work lowering his internal temperature, making the air around him super cool. The Hulk seemed unaffected at first, but started to slow down as his body temperature dropped. "Chill out dude," said Iceman with a smirk as he continued to freeze the monster, creating small ice crystals to form in his blood.

The Hulk's verdant skin was just beginning to turn back into Bruce Banner pink when the Danger Room simulation suddenly shut down, and Beast's furry blue face came into view.

"Oh sure, right when I'm winning," scoffed Bobby in protest.

"Robert, what are you doing?" asked Hank sternly.

"Well I was running a Danger Room simulation," he said as he became flesh once more, his ice abs replaced with the average body of Bobby Drake.

"You have Rogue duty," replied Hank.

"I switched with Logan," said Bobby as he zipped his jacket up.

"No, you didn't," said Hank. "And besides, that exercise is way past your level."

"No it's not," said Bobby, annoyance in his voice. "I'm an X-Man now, I'm ready for the big boy games."

"That was intended as an exercise in teamwork," said Hank. "And if you're a real X-Man, then do you real X-Man duties."

"Rassum frassum," mumbled Bobby as he stormed off to the detention center.

"C'mon...c'mon...." Waiting, that's all her life had become was a giant waiting game. Rogue tapped her foot absently. It was Hank who decided it would be best for her to exercise occasionally, knowing the risks of entropy. Especially since her cast was due to come off eminently, her arm would be weakened and would need rehabilitation.

She was feeling particularly antsy and the thoughts of burning some energy exhilarated her. But she would go when some one decided she it was time to go and that whim usually fell to Bobby's discretion.

Getting a jump on the workout, Rogue reached out to the wall to balance herself as she stretched her hamstrings.

The door slid open suddenly as Bobby, still in his uniform, stepped into the room. "It's your favorite X-Man here to take you for a walk," he said with a smirk. He was annoyed that his training session had been cut off prematurely, but he had an idea cooking. Okay, so the Hulk simulation was meant to be done as a team. He could do that. "You ready for your workout? Today we're going to the Danger Room."

Her eyes narrowed as he greeted her, his timber contained a condescending edge which Rogue didn't appreciate. And immediately she was annoyed by his implication of her being a dog to be walked. She was quick to irritate these days, but who could really blame her.

"Hello," she said simply, hoping to give him the silent treatment, long enough to sweat the chagrin.

However, the reality of who she was and who she wanted to be often differed. Rogue was reactionary by nature. "What?" She asked him in disbelief. The idea of Bobby suggest they go to the Danger Room was suspicious a thousand different scenarios ran through her head. Her eyes flicked over his frame, "Why?" She needed to feel this one out a bit more.

Bobby's face was lit with a huge grin. He couldn't believe he was so clever to kill two birds with one stone. "Well I figured," he started, "that you're probably all built up and wouldn't mind taking it out on someone. And I've got this Danger Room sequence I want to do. It'll be cool," he said with a shrug. "I mean, would you rather just take a lap around the school?"

"Ah guess," she mumbled agreeing to his Danger Room idea. Bobby the ally took her by surprise, if she could call it such a thing. She couldn't help herself, so she asked, "Year not worried 'bout getting in trouble?" She rolled her eyes, it was a statement meant to get a reaction, said without any genuine concern.

Planting her feet on the ground, she gave her back a bit of a stretch. "Lead the way, Bob." She motioned that she was ready by gesturing towards the doorway. "Do Ah get to wear a cool outfit?" an obvious jab at his recently altered uniform.

"I'm an X-Man now, they don't give detentions," he said with a smirk as he opened the door with a flash. He lead her out of the room and said, "No, you don't get a cool uniform. Unless you count jail stripes." It was lame, but needed to keep up his cool guy appearance.

He walked in silence as they made their way through the hallway. "So..." he said trying to make small talk. "How are...things?"

"Do they believe in corporal punishment" She volleyed her words back. An exasperated noise grumbled from her throat, "Things? What the hell?" It took a great deal of restraint not to hit him right there and then. Seriously, had Bobby had always been that lame? At this point Rogue wasn't regretting jumping ship when she did.

The strode through the halls purposefully...unexpectedly. A strike team had been set in place ready to acquire Mojo's latest cast of stars. A ruthless team of hired professional bounty hunters and mercenaries, willing and able to do anything they needed to achieve their goals. They were just waiting, a breathe away from carrying out their orders. Another step close.

A boom echoed through the complex, followed by darkness as the lights turned off suddenly. She skidded to a halt, thrown off guard. Rogue immediately turned to Bobby, searching for him in the darkness before the emergency lights illuminated the hall with a dim red light. "That scared the be-jeezus outta me," she sad frankly.

Bobby remained cool on the outside, but was panicking on the inside. "Yeah really," he said. "Did someone knock the power out or did they forget to pay the electric bill this month?" he wondered outside as he took an inventory of the surrounding area. They were standing outside of the Danger Room, but without power the doors weren't going to open. If this was an attack, something that seemed to happen weekly, then they were trapped. "Look, I think protocol says that I need to take you back to your room," he said to Rogue. "But fuck protocol. We may be under attack, I need you to work with me for a second and investigate. Don't try anything cute though, seriously," he said, less threatening and more asking as a friend.

Rogue wasn't particularly worried of an attack, she was excited of a rescue attempt. Her heart thumped in her chest and she struggle to keep her voice even. "Not today, Ice-jerk," she said pivoting on her step swinging her leg around tripping him fiercely.

She was absolutely positive that Magneto had finally descended upon the mansion, that the time was right and he had returned to restore the Brotherhood. She really couldn't help herself, a double kick was delivered to his side, before turning and running back through the stretch of halls.

The mansion was in a particularly vulnerable state. Construction crews had been in an out of the premises rebuilding the school. It was easier than anticipated slipping in undetected. The first time stealthily made their way through the halls.

A beam of light broke the darkness, shining brightly into Rogue's face. Her hands lifted immediately to shield her eyes. She squinted and the image she made out didn't belong to Magneto. They were holding something. Her heart started pounding her throat, before she realized something was wrong.

Fwip. Fwip. Fwip. The first round of wireless taser were squeezed off and missed. Spinning again, she scrambled in the opposite direction, ducking down a corner. Rogue crouched low on her haunches, catching her breath, but finding it difficult to silent.

"Oh no you fucking didn't," said Bobby as he scooped himself up off the floor. One second went by and he was iced up, another and he was gliding through the air on his ice sled. His eyes darted back and forth through the dim light, looking for the girl. He finally spotted her and was on his way to creating a wall of ice for her to collide into, when his eyes caught the taser.

He froze a giant block of ice, blocking the men with taser from the two of them. He wasn't sure who they were, or who they were after, but if they cut the power, it couldn't be good. "Can't we go one week without this happening?" he asked with a sigh. "Rogue!" he yelled out. "Get your southern ass back here if you wanna make it through this. They're gunna get through the wall soon, we gotta figure out a plan." They were trapped like rats.

She heard him a few hallways over. Taking deep breathes she hesitantly emerged from the shadows. "What the fuck was that?" questioned him fiercely, making no mention of the fact she had just assaulted him. Already Rogue was in battle mode. Gloves had been stripped from her hands and tossed aside, sleeves on her jumpsuit rolled up well past her elbows, exposing as much of her deadly flesh as possible. "Ah only seen one... Did you see any?" In her head, she was going through possible plans of attack. She didn't bother getting Bobby's opinions. Rogue was going to do what she was going to do, regardless of what he thought.

"One or two, I dunno," said Iceman as he stood between the wall and the girl. He kept the temperature of the wall nice and cold, the ice nice and solid. "I say on the count of three I evaporate the wall and we hit them with all we've got. You ready?" he asked. He was in full X-Man mode, his adrenaline still pumping from his workout.

"Lets do this thing." Her eyes glanced around to him, reading her stance. Rogue gave him a bit of a nod, signifying she was ready. Who knew X-Men training would actually come in handy. She reminded herself that this was the real deal and whatever it was behind that wall, she had to be careful. Unlike her kryogenic counterpart, she was still soft and squishy and susceptible to bullets.

Bobby nodded and crept closer to the wall. He looked over to Rogue and counted to three silently with his fingers. When he got to three, the wall vanished and instead turned into an avalanche of ice and snow. "Hit ‘em hard, X-Men!" yelled Bobby.” I always wanted to say that," he remarked as he dashed into the fray, shooting anything that moved with his ice beam.

If she had more time, Rogue would have reacted to that, but right now, Bobby wasn't the enemy, it was these guys who tried to shoot her. She charged forward, her steps thundering down the hall. Gaining enough speed, she jumped and using the wall as a bit of a spring board, she leapt fast and high into the air. Lifting her legs as gravity began to take hold, double kneeling the mysterious attacker in the face, taking him down. Using her momentum she somersaulted forward and back onto her feet all in one solid motion. Her fighting style was unique, scrappy and unexpected. She gave Bobby a bit of a glance, suggesting that this was just the tip of the iceberg, that she maybe she had been sandbagging their previous encounters. Her shoulder lifted into a shrug, "What?"

While Rogue was busy disabling her goon, Bobby had been taking the other out with less panache.

Bobby stood over the goon's body, which was frozen to the floor in a mound of ice. "Nice work," he said as he gave her a cheesy thumbs up. "But next time, leave a bit to be interrogated," he said. He knelt down to the soldier who was pinned to the ground. "Now, mind explaining who sent you?" he asked.

But before an answer could come, a trio of mercenaries came from around the corner, brought there by the noise of the attack. "Damn," said Bobby as he got to his feet. "I got their weapons," he said as he froze the taser to the soldiers' hands. "You get the rest."

Rogue stewed for a brief second, it wasn't her job to interrogate. It was her job to get the fuck out of there, no questions ask.

"Why do Ah always gotta do all the runnin' and flippin' and kickin'?" She asked as she regarded his contribution as meager. She flung her body into the chaos, sliding on the ground with a leg tucked underneath her similar to a baseball player sliding into home. It knocked the goon she was aiming for of her feet. Springing up, she twisted and caught the other one with a spinning kick, dropping him like a bag of bricks. Rogue let out a grunt as she fell into a front handspring, she let the weight of her legs come down onto the man, using her body as dead weight.

Bobby was confident that Rogue could handle this particular group of goons, confident enough to turn his back to the action and get some answers out of the soldier. "Wake up," he said to the guy, who was starting to slip into unconsciousness. "You still haven't answered me. Who sent you?"

"Forget it kid," he said with his teeth chattering, "I didn't get paid to talk."

"Paid, eh?" asked Bobby. He brought his foot up and kicked the soldier in the head, letting him go unconscious. "These dudes are hired help," he announced to Rogue. He slid up next to her, ready to help with her particular group, but then he noticed she had it under control. He froze them all, just to be on the safe side. "We should regroup, find the others."

She glanced up at him as she untangled her legs from the man and scrambled up to her feet. "Thanks, Bobby." But before she could continue to bitch at him, she was scooped up into a pair of strong arms from behind. "Ah!" she cried out. With her arms pinned to her side, she kicked out, but in vain, her legs sailing through the air without making any contact. "Lemme go," she struggled.

"Come any closer and she gets it." Rogue jerked her head away, at the unmistakable presence of a knife pressed up against her throat. She held still for a moment, but she could feel her heart beat up against the sharp end of the blade. "Now, defrost," he shouted at Bobby.

Bobby stared the guy down, his eyes cold and frozen. "I shudder to think what I'm going to do to you if a drop of that young lady's blood is spilled," he said coldly. "I bet it'd be something like this." With a simple thought Bobby began to form ice crystals in the large man's blood. "Drop her, or you're on your way to an early stroke." He was unmoving and unwavering in his stand-off with this particular goon.

His arm stiffened as his temperature dropped from the inside out. He jerked Rogue a little, nicking her neck. "You're in luck then, because I have no plans on killing you or your girlfriend," he said through clenched teeth.

"Jesus Christ," she hissed as the blade cut her. "Ah think everyone just need's to calm--"

"Shut up!" he firmed his grip on the blade, steadying his hand. He took in a ragged breath. "Drop her? Gladly." In one quick motion, he thrust Rogue forward, a well placed boot met her back. She lurched forward and fell into Bobby, fumbling against him with naked arms. In that moment of weakness the bounty hunter squeezed off a quick round of small dart-like electrodes into her back. Three metal wires closed connected and carried the current of the taser instantly. Her body jerked involuntarily, initially until she was driven to her knees. There was another pause before the next shock came, incapacitating her. Using her body as a conductor, while she was touching Bobby, the electricity coursing through her was passed to him.

Bobby was taken by surprise as his ex-girlfriend was kicked into him, and even more by surprise at the electrocution. It wouldn't have been so bad, since he was iced up, but there were puddles on the ground around him, which acted as a conductor. His eyes rolled back into his head as he fell into a heap on the ground, his ice form already melting away
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