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Waking Up - Open

The boy known as Pyro had been sleeping ever since Logan had clocked him one and the Professor had placed him in a state of hibernation. It was safer and easier that way, no one had any idea of what had happened and they hadn’t even probed that deeply to find out because it was John and everyone must have figured it was Pyro being Pyro.

The med lab was filled with the constant rhythm of his steady breathing and the soft slow beeps of a heart that still beat in a chest that hadn’t opened up lungs to say a single word. It was strange how quiet he could be if given a chance and it even bordered on weird.

However, there was something different about John today.

His heart rate was accelerating rapidly, his breathing catching in the back of his throat as eyes raced under the closed lids and his fingers twitched almost restlessly like they were reaching for something but they didn’t know what.

In the next instance and with a gasping breath John was jerking upwards, eyes snapping wide open before closing suddenly and quickly as light burned them and he all but scrambled away from the reality that hit him full force.

John panicked that much that he ended up on the ground, instantly curling up at the cold that seemed to reach past flesh and into bone before scrambling closer to the wall, huddling into himself as if that would stop the world from spinning.

He didn’t know where he was, who he was, or even why he felt like his stomach was turning inside out and God, he wished his head would just stop pounding over and over again.

John needed – wanted – answers and there were none to be had, it was like reaching inside of his mind and finding nothing but a blank slate and it frightened the hell out of him.

Who was he?

Why was he here?

And why did his hands ache as if they’d lost something that they’d always held onto?

John folded his head into his hands and closed his eyes as he tried to make sense out of everything that didn’t make sense and he almost – almost – felt like crying and he hadn’t done that …he couldn’t remember but he felt it had been a really long time.

Why did nothing make sense?
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