Chloe Athens (xs_monarch) wrote in x_menuniterp,
Chloe Athens

Fun in L.A.

Who: Chloe and Deah (with apperances by Paige, Emma and a mysterious man)
What: playing hooky
Where: Los Angeles

Deah wasn't really concerned with what other people thought...not entirely. She was concerned, but only to the extent when their thoughts impeded her own, but in matters of other people's opinions of her, she really could care less. That's why it didn't bother her that she was taking over the bathroom that now had to be shared amongst all the students. Things worked simply in her mind, she was up, her hair was long, ergo a haircut insued.

This irritated Paige greatly, who had just missed being the first in the bathroom by mere minutes. Dressed in her robe, holding onto a towel and a basket of toiletries she banged on the door, "C'mon! Y'been in that bathroom fer more than an hour..." Paige shook her head and let out a frustrated sigh. "Hey, Chloe," she motioned the other girl over, "Deah's locked herself in, I need to take a shower." Her body language said, 'hey, keep your crazy friend in check.'

Chloe looked slightly less disheveled this morning. She took her showers at night, and so she was dressed and ready to go for the day. She was just putting her red hair into it's second pigtail when Paige motioned her over. "Well gee Paige, I don't see how this concerns me. I mean, you're the one dying to be Junior X-Man leader, this is something you might have to learn to deal with." She smirked and leaned against the bathroom door, rapping lightly with her knuckles. "Dee? It's Chloe. Paige is gunna have a shitstorm if you don't hurry it up." Meanwhile she was sure Deah could see the images and ideas she was flashing in her head. Most of them were mocking Paige, but she also made sure to get the idea across to Deah that neither of them were attending class today.

"She's impossible!" Paige motioned to the door, then stepped aside to permit Chloe access.

There was a flush of the toilet and Deah finally emerged, freshly shorn. Her haircut thusly represented her perfectly, chopping at best, with a few longer strands here and there. She stepped out of the bathroom as if nothing had occured, a blank look shifted from Chloe then to Paige, who was stewing because her complaints were being validated by the other two. She huffed and pushed passed Deah, almost slamming the door behind her.

"I dont understand. I was in the bathroom first," Deah muttered ruffling the hair on the crown of her head.

"And what do you mean, not going to class?"

Chloe's eyes lit up as she instinctively put Deah's hair between her fingers. "Oh my God Deah, I love that!" she said with a tooth grin. She whipped around and motioned Deah to follow. "Look, we've been through a lot recently, I decided we needed the day off. Just follow my lead." She was sure she wasn't going to run into Ms. Frost or Ms. Munroe, but to be sure, her eyes scanned every hallway that they came upon, just in case. She lead Deah to the back door where she promptly pushed it open, as if it were nothing, and stepped out into the balmy Californian air.

"What?" She canted her head when Chloe touched her hair. "I needed a haircut," she mumbled.

"You decided?" she tipped her head. She didn't understand what her roommate was suggesting, whose underlying subtext meant a blatant disregard of the rules. She took it more to mean that Chloe possessed some sort of decision making power, that Deah had not yet excercised, apparently.

"They're not there," she piped in, when she noticed Chloe taking extra time to scrutinize the hallway. "They-they're two floors down," she tapped her foot. Obviously the non-telepath would have no way of knowing that, but Deah acted like it was common knowledge.

She released a long airy breath in reaction the sudden temperature change. Blue hues slid over to Chloe's form, Now what? She spoke to the girl mentally.

"Now we do whatever we want," said Chloe outloud as they began to walk away from the institute. Chloe smiled as she felt the sunlight on her skin. She was dressed for a vacation, her wings spilling out of a baby blue tank top, her long legs jutted out from khaki capris with pink sandals on her feet. "We could take a cab somewhere, I've got a bit of money. We could go shopping, or out to eat, or maybe to the beach or something. I'm game for anything."

"Anything? Like free time?" Deah had it occasionally and occasionally she enjoyed it. "Go shopping? Like at bookstores?"

Deah strowled close to her friend. The institute was incredibly different from the mansion, whose campus contained lush landscaping and acres of verdure. The institute was a smaller office building, it was something akin to a homeless shelter, with a floor for dining and laundry, another for bedrooms, one floor containing offices and confrence rooms that would serving as makeshift classrooms. All for which Xavier was paying a tidy sum. It lie in a smaller side of town, a bit of a distance from downtown

She glanced behind her and just like they they were turning the corner and the institute was no longer behind them. After a moment, "So um, yeah, books. L-l-lets um..." She glanced over to someone hailing a cab, taking in the action itself. Before she knew it, she had stepped into the street and repeated what she had just learned. (d)

"Sounds good to me," said Chloe with a shrug of her shoulders. The yellow cab drove slowly up to the curb where the two girls stood. The passanger side window rolled down and the cab driver leaned forward to speak to the girls.

"You want a ride, you're gunna have to take them wings off," he said to Chloe.

"They're uh... sort of attached," she said, trying everything in her power not to go off on the guy.

"You're mutants huh?" he asked. "Well fine, just try and keep them lowered so I can see out the back window."

"Can do," she said as she opened the door. "After you," she said to Deah with a gesture of her hand.

"Yeah, um, " she said with a nod and slid onto the seat.

"Where to, eh?" the taxicab driver asked, leaning over the front seat.

Deah glanced over to Chloe and suggested that she better deal with, Deah could flub it up.

"Downtown, my good man," she said with a glance over to Deah. "We're looking for a good bookstore, know of any place?"

"Yeah," he said as the car pulled away from the curb and they began the journey into downtown. Chloe kept silent, communicating with Deah through thought instead. With traffic it took about twenty minutes before they were into the thick of it. All around them were palm trees coexisting with giant skyscrapers. Once the cab came to a stop, Chloe paid the driver and thanked him.

"Well here we are," said Chloe as she looked up at the bookstore in front of them. "Miles away from home or teachers," she said with a grin she could barely contain.

"Hm? Yeah, miles." Even at home Deah was miles away. The girl tipped her head at the three story Barnes and Noble and was already formulating a way to conquer it. Walking instride with Chloe, she lead the two over to the history section, turning her head to take in the floor the ceiling wall of books. "I could do damage," she said releasing a breath.

Chloe grinned at Deah and said, "I'll let you go wild. I'm going to go check out the music section upstairs." In the hussle and bustle of packing, Chloe had forgotten to bring her iPod and was dying without some music to listen to. "Keep a psychic connection so we don't lose each other," she said as she walked off towards the escalator. The store wasn't that big, and Chloe was pretty easy to spot, so asking Deah to keep connected was a bit much. However, Chloe knew how Deah got and she didn't want the young girl to wander off somewhere and lose her.

Okay, she tipped her head, before turning her attention back to the wall of books. She extended her finger scanning over the titles, she had read about one third to a half of the titles. She paused for a moment, resting the tip of her finger on the spine of a very large book, Deah tilted her head to read the title. Mutant Liberation Front, it was a radical retelling of history written by Erik Lensherr. Some had criticized his work as nothing but gross fiction, but here it was in the history section. Grabbing the book off the shelf (there was only one copy), she cracked the cover and began reading the preface. A man stood a few steps behind, also looking at the books, but Deah was in his field of vision. There was something peculiar about this girl, he thought.

Chloe ran her fingers up and down the stack of CDs. She wasn't looking for anything in particular, just merely browsing. She was going to have to buy a cheap CD player, which wasn't much of an issue, but having to pick out stuff to listen to was another thing. "Man, this stuff is so expensive," she said outloud, flabbergasted by the price of the Dazzler CD she held in her hands. She wandered about, decisively ignoring the stares of the other customers and sat down at the listening station. She scanned the Dazzler CD and sat comfortably, previewing the music.

A second glance reminded Gene Hayes, that this girl was definately familiar, but why he could not say. He decided to further investigate, "You like books?" he asked her while mentally probing her, he too was a telepath. She looked up from her book, ready to call him on his parlor trick of destracting her physically to see into her head, but she hesitated. Maybe she should teach this guy a lesson.

"Yes," she answered his question, looking down at the book. She wanted to lead him to believe he was getting away with tinkering and lull him into a false security.

"Who ever said that the youth today was increasingly more iliterate," he chuckled out his nose.

"Clearly, I'm not."

"Have you read any of his other works?" Taking the knowledge of the book from Deah's mind.

"Have you read any of his other works?" Taking the knowledge of the book from Deah's mind.

Chloe peeled the earphones from her ears and sat them back down for the next patron to use. The CD wasn't her cup of tea so she tossed it aside. There had to be better music stores in LA, so she shrugged and wandered off towards the rest of the store. She walked up and down aisles, looking for any books that might interest her. She grabbed one on mutant gender theory and cracked it open.

She had barely gotten a good glance at the book's contents, when something buzzed in the back of her head. Something was up with Deah, someone seemed to be probing her and Chloe decided it was a good idea to take her leave. She carefully made her way down the escalator and back to the history section where she left Deah. "There you are," she said with a fake smile. "You ready to get out of here? I'm starving." She of course was lying, but she felt it was best to get Deah as far away from the guy as possible.

Deah barely looked up, "No, I'm not," glancing at the man over the top of the book. I know what you're doing. Her eyes narrowed a franction of an inch, And I don't appreciate it. She spoke directly into his head, What are you looking for? It hissed. Chloe was privvy, but not being effected by telepathy. "This?" She asked and released her brain completely.

It was all too much for Gene Hayes, seized right up. The brain wasn't made to withstand so much trauma. And in that moment he had realized why she was so familiar, he was having a waking dream. Images flashed in his brain, Deah, The Giborrum, The Pride...Eden.

Chloe winced and grabbed Deah's wrist. "This is bad mojo, Deah," she said outloud. "We need to get out of here. " She pulled on the young girl, trying to bring her to the exit. Can you imagine what Ms. Frost will do if we end up having to fight this creep in the middle of this store? Let's at least get outside, she communicated to Deah.

It was all made clear in that instant what he must do, but by the time he recovered. The two girls had fled the scene and the man was on the floor surrounded by a security gaurd and two of the shops employs who were thinking he was having a seizure. "Imbeciles," he sneered at them before mind whiping the entire store.

"I wasn't doing anything wrong," Deah informed Chloe, "He's was tinkering where he shouldn't have. I just thought I'd teach him a lesson."

"No, you didn't do anything wrong," said Chloe in agreement as she looked over her shoulder yet again. "I'm just saying, it could have gotten too hot to handle in there." She pulled the teen down the streets of LA, shuffling her inside of a clothes boutique. She then watched through the window to see if they were being followed. What do you think we should do? You think the guy was just a creep, or is he after us? Want to turn back?

"No, he's not following us, you're being ridiculous." She said, letting herself be shoved by Chloe into a tall rack of clothes. "I was more than capable of defending ourselves..."

The limo pulled up outside the boutique with a screech of the tires. Emma Frost stepped out, her lips pulled tight and thin. "Leave it running," she told the chauffer as she waltzed into the store.

"Oh shit," muttered Chloe as she saw the teacher step out of the limo. "It's Ms. Frost..."

The door opened fiercely, nearly breaking the bell that rung when someone entered the shop. As opposed to the girls, Emma actually looked like she belonged in the shop.

"Can I help you, miss?" asked the girl from behind the counter.

"No," said Emma simply. "I've found what I was looking for." Her ice eyes cut through the two girls with an anger that you could nearly feel. "We're leaving," she said simply.

"Ms. Frost... I can explain... it's my fault..." said Chloe.

"I don't doubt that, Ms. Athens," said Emma sharply. "I would have expected more from the both of you. This is not a vacation, this is a relocation for your safety. And did you really think you were going to get away with it? I could hear you two mind screaming to one another from two floors down." She looked at Deah and mentally said You're better than this.

Deah shrugged at Chloe, "Oops."

I know I am, but what are you, Deah shot back to Frost, this time Chloe unaware of the exchange. It was probably a very childish thing to say, but Deah knew it would push Emma's buttons.

How amusing, shot back Emma. You're one of the brightest students at the school, yet you still seem to have failed at picking up any common sense. What a waste.She shuffled the two girls out of the shop and into the limosine waiting for them outside.

"Let's talk punishment," she said once she was comfortable. "For you Chloe, I expect you to write me a ten page essay on why it is so important to follow the rules and to respect the safety we provide."

Chloe moaned slightly in protest.

"And don't think you'll see the sunlight again until it's done," said Emma sharply. "And as for you, Deah, since I know an essay would only be something you'd enjoy, I'm going to arrange to have you assist the janitorial staff every morning. You can start by cleaning up the mess you left in the bathroom."

And from now on, thought Emma privately to Deah, you will attend my advanced telepathy course. I am determined to make you realise your full potential. You may want to consider making more... appropriate friends as well.

"Fine," she said at the verbal punishment...but the second one upset her. That mean The Cuckoos..the stepford Cuckoos. The girls were nothing short of evil to Deah, constantly taunting her.

I won't go.

Emma couldn't help but smirk. You're acting as if you have a choice. It's a telepathy class, if need be, I'll pull your subconcious into the astral classroom while you sleep. Don't fight me on this one Deah, I am much more tenacious than you would expect.

And I think you underestimate my tenacity, she said while looking at the scenery blur by from the window. Don't think I won't, she added with a little edge to that message, trying to give Emma a headache.

Emma could feel a tinge of pain inside of her head. The young girl was actually attempting to attack her mentally, although fairly slightly. Her nose scrunched up as her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She began to overwhelm Deah's head with thoughts and noise, hoping to give her a headache, although much more severe. You want to stop doing such childish things, thought Emma. It wasn't a psychic suggestion, but a flat out threat.

She took in a slow breath, and rested her head in her hand against the window, rubbing her temple with her thumb. Deah's eyes narrowed, Why don't you leave people alone? she bellowed. It was as if in Emma's mind there was a wall of TVs, every channel on Deah, turned to full volume.

Because if I left you alone, you'd never stop making bad decisions or getting into trouble, she thought simply.

"Hm. Yeah," she rolled her eyes, finally breaking the silence.
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