x_emma_frost (x_emma_frost) wrote in x_menuniterp,

Flight 616-New York to Los Angeles (nonstop)

With one swift motion, Emma kicked her high heels to the floor of the limosine. She would never turn as phrase such as "her dogs were barking" but the concept certainly crossed her mind. Her pale neck fell back, resting on the leather headrest, as she reached for her drink. It was hard to believe that only hours ago the school was in a state of hypertension, and now she was staring out at a Los Angeles sunset, her head buzzing. She had spent her entire day shuffling two seperate herds of meandering teenagers through airport security and deserved some time to unwind.

Due to the dangers of the Brotherhood's recent occupation, a lockdown was executed, purusant to the Xavier Protocol. This allowed Emma to use the full capacity of Cerebro, without having to worry about compromising security.

It was no small feat to pull off a stunt as large as manueverning moving a large group of mutant teenagers from JFK International to LAX. Even with near unlimited resources, she was forced to divide the students into two groups. The first group left early with Storm. By employing the aid of quintuplet telepaths, the Stepford Cuckoos, Emma now had the firepower and range to accomplish her Herculean task. Simultaniously she and the remaining students waited for the second flight. By using the Cuckoos as psychic pinpoints she was able to monitor the first flight and assure that the other passengers and personel were unaware of the identity of the fugitive mutant children.

The journey, completed twice, was coming to an end as the limosine reached the X-Corporation Adjuct Facility based in Los Angeles. A building that was essentially a homeless shelter came into view. It was meager at best and she was too tired to ponder Sebastian Shaw's recent aquisition of a seat on the board of directors. Had she been more lucid, she might have speculatated the connections between the building's misgivings and Shaw's motivations. But instead she chalked it up to stinginess on the behalf of X-Corporation. She trusted Charles Xavier when it came to the safety of the students and knew that security would almost always be top prioriety over comfort, much to her chagrin.
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