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Wolverine and Sabretooth

((this was a scene we were doing as a thread and finished in IM. The entire thing is collected here.))

Who: Wolverine and Sabretooth
When: After Wolverine leaves the mansion
Where: Canadian Woods
What: Bloody

Logan was glad to be away from the mess. He was, for once in the longest time, happy and was able to find the peace that he needed. He rode his bike upstate on the open road until he came to his small and familiar neck of the woods where his small little cabin hid away behind thick foliage and small lake.

There were barely any amenities within the cabin, except for a small and old television, which barely picked up any channels and often needed its attenae played with in order to get anything in clear, and a small refridgerator, which was used for keeping water and beer cold. Everything else Logan would get from outside. His shower, his food, and most of his entertainment.

There were no students to worry about and no mansion grounds being destroyed. All that he had to worry about out here was himself. As he sat within a small wooden chair outside of the cabin which overlooked the lake, with a small fire going at his side, and a fresh kill of deer hanging from a low branch of a nearby tree, Logan knew that life was good.

A smile crossed Victor Creed's darkened face as he watched Logan from the hill behind the cabin. His savage eyes were pressed to the lenses of a pair of binoculars as he watched Logan from a distance. He knew the little runt would probably pick up on his scent eventually, but he didn't seem to care. He put the binoculars back into their case and stashed them into his trenchcoat.

He revved the engine on his motorcycle and sped down the hill wildly. With a quick leap he jumped off the seat and landed in front of Logan, his claws ready and his teeth bared. "Surprise surprise," he said with a growl.

Sabertooth jumped out at Logan before the man was even able to pick up on the larger one's scent. Instantly, Logan's eyes narrowed and he gritted his teeth. "I can't get any peace anywhere, can I?" was muttered lowly as he quickly stood up and extended his arms to allow claws to slide out from their holdings, ready for a brawl.

"Less talkin', more guttin'," growled Sabretooth. He leapt through the air between him and Wolverine, bringing his bulky mass down at the runt. His claws were bared and swiped fiercely at Wolverine's flesh.

Logan tried jumping back and away fom Sabertooth's swipes, but a few connected with his flesh, tearing his shirt and leaving trails of blood.

With a growl, Logan's eyes narrowed as he fell back on his haunches and leapt towards the larger beast of the two, swiping his claws at the other man.

It didn't matter what kind of healing factor the man had; Sabretooth had to admit that every time he got stabbed with those claws, it hurt like a bitch. He felt the adamantum move cleanly and swiftly through flesh, muscle and tissue. He fell back, lunging down to stay low and protect his wound as it began to heal. From the back of his throat a gutteral, growling sound was heard.

He had an advantage over his rival, and that was strength. He held his stab wound with one hand and with the free hand he grabbed a large fallen tree trunk and whipped it in a path aiming for Wolverine's adamantium skull.

Logan was about to jump at Sabertooth again when he saw the tree trunk coming his way and attempted to duck down in time to avoid getting struck by it. What wasn't saved was the siding of his cabin that stood behind him, which took the hit instead of the man and the siding buckled slightly.

Standing upright, Logan turned with widened eyes in shock to see the side of his poor cabin suddenly gone. After the initial shock, anger hit Logan head on, and he turned back towards Sabertooth with his shoulders hunched upwards and a growl on his lips before he jumped at the larger man, hacking and slashing ferociously.

He should have expected a reaction like that, as a frenzy of claws diced across his chest and stomach. The smell of fresh blood lingered in the air as Sabretooth's eyes became wide, his pupils dialated. He countered each ferocious slash with one of his own, going toe to toe with the mutant in a tangle.

After a few seconds of intense fighting, Sabretooth lunged with all of his weight, hoping to knock Logan into the still roaring campfire.

Logan snarled as Sabertooth's claws cut into his flesh, drawing blood. But that didn't cause him to falter. Yet, just as the man was about to counter the rest of the attacks, he was thrown off by Sabertooth's bulk and lost his balance. A hand reached down to try and grab onto anything to level himself with, but instead it found the campfire, and a wail of pain made its way from the man's lips as he quickly grabbed his burned arm in a protective manner and fell to the ground beneath his feet.

Sabretooth smirked and looked down at a pool of blood on his shirt. He plucked a single finger down into the dark liquid and brought it to his chapped lips. It tasted metallic and decisively not his. He smirked a crimson smirk and growled. "Got what I came for runt," he annouced as he ran off towards the motorcycle out in the woods.
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