x_emma_frost (x_emma_frost) wrote in x_menuniterp,


Emma Frost sat on the cold marble railing outside of the Xavier's Institute, her face pressed into a clipboard which listed the entire student body in alphabetical order. It was a sleepless night for her; the few hours she happened to get barely made any difference and she seemed to be running on pure adrenaline and caffiene. Her slender fingers gripped the paper cup of espresso she had run out early in the morning to grab. It was a double shot, but was quickly losing its potencey. She figured she'd catch up on sleep during the flight out to Los Angelas.

Nevertheless, she was dressed impeccably, her hair tied into a tight bun held by a jewel encrusted comb. She clicked down firmly on her pen and began to take a rough attendance. It was still fairly early and only a handful of students were gathered, but she decided to get started right away.

"Now when we get to California, we will be staying in an X-Corporation hostel. It will be smaller than the mansion, but will have ample room to accomidate us," she said, trailing off when she realised the half asleep students were barely even paying attention. She yawned, politely covering her mouth and began to jealously eye the espresso she had bought for Storm.
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